• Sandwich For A Story Works With Youth To Help Them Find Ways to Help Their Community!

    4 years ago, we started Sandwich for a Story as a way to get out in the community to break down stigmas between the homeless and the rest of society! Now are goal is to help youth find innovative ways to make a difference!

  • Sandwich for a Story has interacted with over four thousand homeless individuals, and connected with people in over 26 countries through speaking engagements and the web.

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  • Sandwich for a Story Wants to Help Youth Make a Difference In Their Communities with Fun and Innovative Ways!

    When we started working on our project four years ago, we never imagined what it would become! By leveraging our backgrounds in technology and the social work space we were able to develop a powerful solution to help people connect with those who are without a home. We want to help inspire youth to solve importance and pressing problems in their communities now!

    Have us come in to speak with your students and let us show them how they can quickly develop a solution to solve their communities most pressing problems!

    Our initiative, Sandwich for a Story, has interacted with over four thousand homeless individuals, and connected with people in over 26 countries through speaking engagements and the web. Our organization has also been featured multiple local and national media outlets including Global News, CTV News, CBC RadioOne, and TEDx. Recently we were selected to be represented at the Millennium Campus Conference at UN Headquarters in 2015 and the Clinton Global Initiative University Conference and the Forbes Top 30 Under 30 Conference in 2016.

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  • Our Team

    Sam Sawchuk

    Co-Founder, Director of Program Development

    Sam Sawchuk is currently the Co-Founder & Director of Program Development for Sandwich for a Story. Sam has significant expertise as a career coach through his work in the technology industry at Hired in San Francisco where he trained candidates to prepare for their interview's with some of the world's leading technology companies. Sam also has worked with Ayogo Health, Uber, Tembo Education, and Startup Calgary.

    Evan Mitchell Beck

    Co-Founder, Director of Communications & Outreach

    Evan is a passionate advocate for mental health and homeless issues. He has professional experience working closely on these issues with international students, homeless individuals in Canada and impoverished populations in Uganda. His mission is to ensure that an inclusive psychological approach is taken when members of the SFS community are communicating with homeless individuals.

    Alex Kim

    Director of Content & Media Engagement

    Through his studies, Alex has developed an infectious interest in the discourse of homelessness. Combined with his first hand experiences gained through years of experience meeting with people on the streets with Sandwich For a Story, he hopes to further the discourse of homelessness into a more open discussion through content syndication.

  • The stories & conversations that helped us form the idea...

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  • Media Coverage

    Sandwich for a Story has been featured in a variety of local and national coverage & has been invited to attend some of the world's leading conferences.

    CTV News

    October, 2014

    Two university students have started their own program, giving homeless people sandwiches in exchange for a story about their lives.

    Global News

    May, 2015

    An unique new program aims to bridge the gap by using something as simple as a sandwich — to encourage people to spend a moment with a person in need. As Jonathan Bartlett reports in Victoria — volunteers are finding that even more people are going hungry than we might think.

    CBC RadioOne

    February, 2015

    An interview with our Victoria Community Manager, Alex Kim, discussing Sandwich for a Story's overall mission and recent launch in Victoria.

    Under25 Club

    September, 2015

    During the summer of 2013, Evan Beck was visiting Sam Sawchuk in Vancouver. They wanted to get together and figure out unique ways to help those in need. They toyed around with a ton of different ideas, but they all seemed far too complex and they were clearly missing something. “An element of humanity seemed to be absent because through all the jargon and bureaucracy, it seems many organizations often forget that the homeless are well… people,” says Sam.


    March, 2016


    October, 2014

    “Everyone has a unique story. There are a lot of successful people these days that grew up in harsh environments and I don’t think that the circumstance of being homeless can really dictate where your life could be headed,” Sawchuk said.


    November, 2014

    Calgary-based organization Sandwich for a Story (SFS) has now come to Victoria. Started three years ago by two university friends...

    CGI U 2016

    April 2016

    More than 1,000 students from around the world will come together this weekend at UC Berkeley to discuss pressing global issues, and to dig deep for creative solutions to these challenges.

    Under30 Summit

    October 2016

    The Forbes Under 30 Summit brings together more than 5,000 global entrepreneurs and game changers.